Are you re-applying?

NEW for 2018 ADEA AADSAS® 

The 2018 ADEA AADSAS application will be hosted on a new technology platform. Applicants who applied in the 2017 cycle and plan on re-applying to the 2018 ADEA AADSAS cycle will not be able to carry over application information. As a result, the re-application feature will not be available for this cycle.       

This is a one-time change from ADEA AADSAS policy which does allow re-applicants to carry over some information. Starting again next year, applicants who applied in the 2018 cycle will be able to carry over their information. All application information and documents will need to be re-sent next cycle including official transcripts, test scores and letters of evaluation. Note: The re-application feature will return for the 2018-2019 application cycle. 

It is recommended that re-applicants print their 2017 application for reference by May 1, which is the final day to log into The 2018 ADEA AADSAS application opens June 1 with a different URL. 

Here are some tips for applicants who are re-applying in the 2018 cycle:

* Don't want to re-enter coursework? You can take advantage of the Paid Transcript Entry service offered by Liaison International. 

* Use the Check Status tab to track your supporting documents and preview your application PDF before you submit your 2018 ADEA AADSAS application.

* After selecting your dental schools, take a look at their requirements in the Program Materials section and find the ones you can complete most quickly. Once you have reviewed your main application and completed the Program Materials section, submit to those right away. While your application is in line to be verified, you can continue to fill out the Program Materials for other schools and submit to them later.