Setting the Standard for Diversity and Accreditation

The ADEA Diversity Workshop Series provides dental school administrators, faculty and staff with the tools and strategies to promote and capitalize on the role of diversity in achieving academic excellence within health professions education.

Effectively facilitating “an environment characterized by, and supportive of, diversity and inclusion” (CODA DEP Standards, p. 27) involves more than promoting and supporting diversity activities; it requires effective leadership and careful development of a deliberate, collaborative and sustainable diversity plan. Setting the Standard for Diversity and Accreditation, the first in the series of ADEA Diversity Workshops, was a one-day crash course for understanding the scope of the diversity-related CODA Standards and developing a mission-driven diversity plan for your institution. 

Participants in the workshop learned from the perspectives and innovative, evidence-based approaches of current and former dental educators with a track record of creating sustained model diversity programs. Through focused discussion and working group sessions, these experts guided participants through the “how-to” of diversity planning, and provided feedback on real-time draft plans specific to institutional goals. 

Event Information:

Dates: October 28, 2015

Sheraton Hotel and Towers Chicago
301 East North Water Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Agenda and Speaker Biographies: 


Setting the Standard for Diversity and Accreditation: Welcome and OverviewPDF 
Kim C. D’Abreu, M.P.H. 
ADEA Senior Vice President for Access, Diversity and Inclusion

Mark A. López, Ph.D.
ADEA Senior Director for Access, Diversity and Inclusion 

Leadership and the Mission-Driven Diversity Plan

Charles Alexander, Ph.D. 
Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity 
University of California, Los Angeles

Leadership and the Mission-Driven Diversity Plan
Margaret B. Wilson, D.D.S., M.B.A.
Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Student Affairs
East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

Getting Started—Using a Logic Model to Describe and Assess Your Institution’s Climate

Vidya Ramaswamy, Ph.D.
Curriculum Assessment Specialist
University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Todd V. Ester, D.D.S.
Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor
University of Michigan School of Dentistry


CODA Standards Pertinent to Diversity, and DefinitionsPDF

Diversity in Dentistry Action Plan TemplatePDF

Embracing Our Reality: Key Ingredients for Fostering Campus Diversity SuccessPDF 
Katrina Wade-Golden and John Matlock

Leadership and the Mission-Driven Diversity Plan – Suggested ResourcesPDF

Logic Model Handouts PDF