ADEA AADSAS Admissions Officers

ADEA is committed to providing its member dental schools and their admissions officers with the highest quality service.

ADEA AADSAS 2018 Application Cycle
JUNE 1, 2017 - FEBRUARY 1, 2018 

    Admissions Management Platforms: 

    • WebAdMIT for ADEA AADSAS is a comprehensive application management tool that enables participating dental schools to manage their applicant pool. To access WebAdMIT, your school’s WebAdMIT administrator will provide you with a user name. When you visit the website, you will be able to create your password. You can log in here and download the WebAdMIT Manual here. PDF
    • AClient is software that you can download which imports data weekly from AADSAS data feeds, allowing admissions officers to identify their school's most appropriate applicants.

    WebAdMIT and AClient Support:  Contact Academic Software Plus at (716) 636-7777 (option 8) or at

    “Traffic Guidelines”

    The Guidelines for Dental Schools When Extending Offers of Admission, PDF approved by the ADEA House of Delegates, cover pre-professional education requirements, early selection program guidelines, earliest notification dates, applicant response periods and more.


    If you have any additional questions or requests, please contact Chonté James, Director of ADEA AADSAS.