ADEA PASS Program Directors

ADEA PASS 2018 Application Cycle
May 17, 2017 - February 9, 2018

ADEA PASS Program Search Engine

To provide content to your profile, log into the ADEA PASS Program Search Engine at any time to make changes. As information is subject to change without notice, program representatives are responsible for providing up-to-date and accurate information on the program’s profile.  All applicants will be advised to contact the programs directly if they have further questions or find discrepancies. ADEA PASS is available for Search Engine profile support, but will not be held responsible for inaccurate information.  Additionally, information on the Search Engine profile is not tied to the application and will not prohibit ineligible applicants from applying.

Please contact Yolanda Jones at or Emily Rhineberger at for assistance.

New ADEA PASS Program Participation

Program directors can register their advanced dental education programs with ADEA PASS by completing the new ADEA PASS Program Participation Form. There is no cost for programs to participate in ADEA PASS.

To be eligible to participate in ADEA PASS, advanced dental education programs must be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation or be offered by a dental school that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Inactive ADEA PASS Programs

If your program is inactive, please complete and submit this form to Yolanda Jones at

Grading Resource Guide

The Grading Resource Guide is a compilation of grading practices and policies from the nine  U.S. dental schools that use a pass/fail scoring model. It is intended to be used by advanced dental education program directors as an aid in reviewing applicants from these schools. The Guide is updated as of May 2015.


WebAdMIT for ADEA PASS is a comprehensive application management tool that will enable participating programs to manage their applicant pool. For one-on-one training, you should contact the support team with three available dates and times. The team will be more than happy to set up something to accommodate your schedule. 

The WebAdMIT Support team is here to help you become more comfortable with the features of the WebAdMIT. They can be reached by phone at 857-304-2020, or by email at 

ADEA PASS Presentation Request

The American Dental Education Association Division of Educational Pathways accepts requests for in-person presentations on the ADEA PASS and Match processes. All U.S. dental schools are eligible to request presentations for dental students, faculty evaluators, or both.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are now offered to ADEA PASS participating programs.