2017 ADEA Diversity Workshop Series: A Shift in Diversity Work: Moving Toward Inclusive Excellence

Dates: October 25, 2017
Venue: Hyatt Regency Columbus
Location: Columbus, OH

Online Registration is currently closed for this event.

The ADEA Diversity Workshop Series provides dental school administrators, faculty and staff with tools and strategies to promote and capitalize on the role of diversity in achieving academic excellence within health professions education.

Effectively facilitating “an environment characterized by, and supportive of, diversity and inclusion” involves more than promoting and supporting diversity activities—it requires effective leadership and careful development of a deliberate, collaborative and sustainable diversity plan.

The ADEA Diversity Workshop is a one-day learning symposium to help participants understand the scope of the diversity-related CODA standards and assist them in developing mission-driven diversity initiatives for their institutions. The small group workshop format affords the unique opportunity for quality discussion, sharing and support among participants and presenters. Workshop activities include the following:

  • Draft a plan or outline that can serve as a starting point for facilitating and advocating for co-curricular programming to enhance the diversity goals and objectives of the dental school for faculty, students and staff.
  • Work with faculty members and other academic staff to address dimensions of diversity related to teaching, curricular content and classroom climate for diverse groups.
  • Identify policies and practices at participants’ dental schools that are essential to achieving “appropriate levels of diversity among its students, faculty and staff” and systematically evaluating “comprehensive strategies to improve the institutional climate for diversity” [CODA DEP Standards, p. 21].
  • Use metrics to make the case for diversity and inclusion.
  • Create a learning community focused on diversity and inclusion.

Download the 2017 ADEA Diversity Workshop Series agenda.PDF

Contact: mcet@adea.org