ADEA Listservs

Download the user guidelines for ADEA's Listserv lists,PDF or see below for answers to commonly asked questions about ADEA's Listserv lists. 


A Listserv is a program that allows a user, who is a list subscriber, to send emails to other subscribers to the same list. Because of that, Listserv lists are commonly referred to as discussion lists, where subscribers share their opinions on common interests.

ADEA’s Listserv lists provide an avenue for the rapid exchange of information, assistance and discussion of professional issues among ADEA’s members. ADEA Listserv lists are:

  • Not moderated. Postings to the list are not screened or edited. Please keep messages brief and pertinent.
  • By owner. Members interested in subscribing to ADEA Section and SIG Listserv lists can do so online. For all other Listserv lists, only the list-owner can add subscribers.
  • Private. Only list subscribers can post to a Listserv list.
  • Archived. Messages sent to a Listserv list are archived.

Posted opinions are the originators’ only and do not necessarily represent the policy, philosophy or practice of ADEA or its various sections. ADEA does not endorse mentioned products or services, nor is ADEA responsible for inaccuracies in posted information.

It depends. Some of ADEA’s Listserv lists are restricted to members of governance groups, committees or sections and special interest groups. Participation in some Listserv lists requires ADEA membership. Others are open anyone with an interest in the lists's topic area, whose request to join the list has been approved by the list owner. View the full listing of ADEA's Listserv lists.

ADEA members may subscribe to ADEA Section and Special Interest Group Listserv lists by:

  • Logging into the website, selecting "Manage My Account."
  • On the following page selecting "Specify Your Communications Preferences."
  • Opt into any of the Listserv lists listed.

Subscriptions to ADEA Section and SIG Listserv lists are tied to ADEA membership. If individuals let their memberships lapse, they will be unsubscribed from these Listserv lists for the duration of the lapse, but will automatically re-subscribed when they renew their memberships.

Subscription to other ADEA Listserv lists is tied to participation in Association governance or professional development programs. Inquiries about subscribing to these Listserv lists should be directed to the individual list owners

View the full listing of ADEA's Listserv lists.

To send messages: To initiate a new discussion or respond to an existing thread, enter the Listserv email address in the "to" field of your email. Include the topic of the message in the subject field. After composing your message, click “send” and the Listserv will distribute the message to all list members. 

With certain exceptions (e.g. Gmail), a sender will receive a copy of the email as well as a system-generated delivery notification. The maximum size of a single message, including attachments, is 10 MB.

Only Listserv list subscribers can post messages. Messages sent from non subscribers are automatically rejected. Messages from subscribers must be sent from the email address known by the list software, or they will not be accepted.

To respond to messages:
To respond to a message that has been posted, create and send a new message directly to the author of the message using his or her private email address. If you want everyone on the list to have your response, use the “reply” feature of your email system to send your email to the Listserv email address.

The primary purpose of the Listserv lists is to facilitate communication, discussion and the exchange of ideas on the topics of interest within the field of dental education.

Listserv lists may also be used to inform list members about non-critical events and issues pertaining to the group. For example, messages can include:

  • Changes in contact information.
  • Changes in officers or resources.
  • Information about ADEA-related meetings, programs and projects.
  • Ideas for programs and project planning; alerts from ADEA on important developments at ADEA, Congress or other organizations.
  • Requests for information or leads on a particular topic or for a particular purpose.

Occasional announcements of new online or print resources from a member’s organization are appropriate if related to the interests of the Listserv list, as are announcements of conferences, if they are relevant.

Questions and discussion initiated by list members about services, placements and position openings regarding jobs already posted on ADEA DentEd Jobs or available on ADEA’s print journals are appropriate; this provides a forum for help and recommendations among colleagues on the list.

Contact the list owner (identifed for each Listserv address) in a separate email to obtain the names of list members. Please include your full name, your email address known by the Listserv software and the full name of the list (e.g.
  • Commercial advertisements or job placements: The Listserv list may not be used to advertise job openings, recruitment for business or any commercial advertising. While the link to a position on ADEA DentEd Jobs may be appropriate, ads for positions from your institution or others that do not appear on ADEA’s electronic or print publications should not be posted. If you are interested in advertising in any of the previously mentioned media, you may contact our advertising representative, Evan Bates, at 717-430-2209 or
  • Surveys or market research: Group polls are acceptable but the Listserv list should not be used for research and data gathering
  • Forwarding messages: Do not forward copies of the information obtained from Listserv lists to individuals who are not Listserv subscribers. Messages may be forwarded to select ADEA members if permitted by the original sender. Please delete extraneous lines, but leave enough information to identify the original source. Information from ADEA’s Listserv lists may be forwarded to others, but crediting the original sender or ADEA is appreciated.

If a member consistently posts inappropriate messages, his or her subscription to the list may be terminated.

  • Descriptive subject lines: Please use a clear, descriptive subject line. The more descriptive the subject line, the more people will read and respond to a posting. Avoid using generic subject lines such as "Help," "Need help" or "Need info." When responding to a posting, check the subject line to make sure it still reflects the topic at hand, and if needed, enter a new subject line about the new topic. To initiate a new discussion or request, start a new message with an appropriate subject line.
  • Content: Avoid personal exchanges and do not promote commercial products and services. Positive debate about professional matters is welcome on ADEA’s Listserv lists. Please be polite while voicing your objections. You may also express your complaints directly to the person responsible.
  • Tone: Messages can be informal and even lighthearted. Avoid jokes, sarcasm, profanity and similar violations of “email etiquette.” Please remember that humor in email can easily be misinterpreted.
  • Length: Aim for a concise, focused message. Summarize lengthy material and invite subscribers to contact you for the complete items.
  • Include signature: Every message should include a signature, which should contain the sender's full name, affiliation, telephone and email address. Since all postings will appear to be “from the Listserv list,” recipients have no way of knowing who sent a message unless this information is provided.
  • Ensure that the message being sent is from the email address known by the list software, or it will not be accepted. If you are using an email alias, please contact your list administrator with your actual email address (you may have to contact your institution’s IT administrator) and have it added to the listserv.
  • Check your email spam filter.
  • To ensure email delivery, please add the appropriate list address, to your email address book and/or safe senders list. Use this email address to send messages to the list as the Listserv will not accept a message if you are using a different email address.
  • Make sure to add a subject line. Note that the Listserv does not distribute messages with empty subject lines to a mailing list because some users are unable to see the “subject” field from the original message.
  • If the above does not resolve the problem, contact your list administrator.

To unsubscribe from a Listserv list that is NOT a Section/SIG list, contact the list owner in a separate email with your full name, your email address known by the Listserv software and the full name of the list (e.g. Do not email your unsubscribe request to the entire Listserv list.

To unsubscribe from a Section/SIG list

  • Log in to the website and select "MyADEA" at the top of the page.
  • Select "Profile Information," and then select "Manage My Account."
  • On the following page select "Specify Your Communications Preferences."
  • Opt out of any of the Listserv lists listed.

For questions about Listserv lists, please contact the list owners

For general questions, please contact