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    Academic Affairs meets the professional development needs of the academic affairs administrators and faculty members interested in curricular management at dental schools. 
    Anatomical Sciences fosters communication among educators in the anatomical sciences and encourages an interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary approach to learning. 
    Behavioral Science examines the development, integration and transmission of social, behavioral, and biomedical science knowledge relevant to the maintenance of oral health. 
    Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Microbiology provides a forum for dental educators in the disciplines of biochemistry, nutrition, and microbiology to organize, coordinate and communicate information about these scientific disciplines in relation to dental and allied dental education.
    Business and Financial Administration provides leadership in the areas of business, finance and administration in dental educational institutions and provides expertise to institutional officers charged with responsibility for these areas.
    Cariology provides a venue within ADEA to discuss and enhance the teaching of Cariology.
    Clinic Administration promotes clinical programs and activities that assure optimal patient care within educational settings. 
    Clinical Simulation examines the application of clinical simulations and clinical ergonomics in dental education. 
Community and Preventive Dentistry
explores issues related to community and preventive dentistry as they apply to dental and dental hygiene education, research and practice.
Comprehensive Care and General Dentistry
facilitates the development of innovative ways to improve the delivery and teaching of comprehensive patient-centered care in dental school clinics. 


    Continuing Education promotes standards of excellence and innovations for dental school based continuing education. 


    Dental Anatomy and Occlusion discusses the form, function and application of principles of teaching dental anatomy and occlusion. 


    Dental Assisting Education promotes and sustains quality formal education, faculty advancement, and program offerings related to the field of dental assisting education. Actively works with other organizations in the dental assisting community. 


    Dental Hygiene Education explores and examines, through timely program offerings, issues affecting dental hygiene education. Strives to advance the art and science of dental hygiene education. 


    Dental Informatics promotes the exchange of ideas and applications among computer, information technology, and information science professionals connected to dental education. 


    Dental School Admissions Officers explores issues of importance to those involved with the recruitment, evaluation and selection of potential dental students. Actively collaborates and holds an interim meeting with the sections on Financial Aid Administration and Student Affairs. 


    Development, Alumni Affairs and Public Relations fosters the exchange of information on constituent fund raising, relationship building and communications. Works to advance each school's ability to increase the support and involvement of its constituents. 


    Educational Research/Development and Curriculum sustains a forum for leadership, quality and innovation in the areas of research, educational methods, and curriculum and supports programs designed to facilitate the development of faculty skills. 


    Endodontics provides guidance in predoctoral and postdoctoral endodontic education research and service. Promotes a strong liaison with its specialty organization. 


    Gay-Straight Alliance is a resource for information, advocacy, and support for schools, students, faculty, administrators, and staff with a commitment to create more inclusive environments.


    Gerontology and Geriatrics Education promotes the education of dental professionals in all pertinent aspects of the study of aging and the clinical care of older adults. 


    Graduate and Postgraduate Education examines issues and ideas concerning graduate and postgraduate programs, curricula and research activities. 


    Integrated Clinical and Applied Biomedical Sciences (formerly Oral Biology) provides a forum to address the integration of the basic sciences across the entire dental curriculum. 


    Minority Affairs identifies and promotes minority issues in dental education and develops strategies for progress. 

Operative Dentistry and Biomaterials
fosters communication among educators in operative dentistry and biomaterials and others in dental education, research, and behavioral disciplines. Coordinates activities with other organizations representing operative dentistry and biomaterials. 


    Oral Diagnosis/Oral Medicine focuses on education of basic pathologic processes, patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and patient management. 


    Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology enhances instruction in dentistry and oral pathology through support and participation in programs and educational research. 


    Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology helps to increase the knowledge in and appreciation for the art and science of teaching oral and maxillofacial radiology. 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Anesthesia/Hospital Dentistry
offers a forum for members and specialty organizations to exchange information on academic and administrative issues related to the teaching of oral and maxillofacial surgery, anesthesia, and hospital delivery. 


    Orthodontics represents the interests of those in orthodontic education and fosters liaisons with academic and specialty organizations. 


    Pediatric Dentistry supports excellence and innovation in predoctoral and advanced education in pediatric dentistry, and advocates improved oral health for children. 


    Periodontics promotes excellence in the teaching of periodontics and serves as a source of expertise for clinical and didactic periodontal education. Actively works with related specialty organizations. 


    Physiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics exchanges ideas concerning human physiology pedagogical and research issues in dental education, as well as ideas related to the teaching of pharmacology and therapeutics. 
      Postdoctoral General Dentistry offers a network to discuss and advance issues related to postdoctoral general dentistry education. 
Practice Management
facilitates communication between teachers of dental practice administration and acts as a forum for issues in the disciplines of economics, marketing, finance, sociology, informatics, law and policy and management. 
    Prosthodontics addresses the specific needs of dental educators who have interests in fixed and removable prosthodontics. Actively collaborates with specialty organizations and sponsors regional meeting for members. 
    Student Affairs and Financial Aid promotes the professional development and education of those in student affairs and financial aid administration, as well as offering a forum for the exchange of ideas in these areas.

    Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Tobacco Dependence Education promotes activities and curricula for tobacco cessation in dental education.